Hillsdale Volunteer Fire Department

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Hillsdale Fire Dept Main Page

We are Volunteers

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The Hillsdale Fire Department is comprised of men and women who volunteer their time to provide fire prevention and suppresion services to the borough. From the day we enter the Fire Academy to the day we retire, we spend a huge amount of time training. We have monthly drills at headquarters. We meet regularly with other departments to cross-train and develop strategies for safety. Many of us go to conferences within and outside NJ to learn more about fire fighting. If you think you have what it takes to be part of an elite group of individuals dedicated to serving their community, consider joining. You'll be glad you did. So will we.

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Support Your Local FD

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Looking for a painless way to support the Hillsdale Fire Department? Well, just open an account at TD Bank and let them know you are part of the HFD Affinity Program. TD Bank will match a portion of your earned interest and donate that to the HFD. You get all the interest your money earned, and the Hillsdale Fire Dept gets something too. A true Win-Win! Here's a link for more information: http://bank.tdbank.com/affinity_midatlantic/.

Fire Department Cadet Company

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The Hillsdale Fire Department Cadet Company is comprised of guys and girls, ages 16 to 17. It is designed to assist regular members of the department at fires and drills. Unlike the regular members of the fire department, cadets cannot by law, enter a burning structure, so rest easy Moms! Instead, they can “hit” or hook up hose to the hydrants, change air bottles, set up ladders, bring tools to the firefighters, and help keep track of the firefighters going in and out of the building. They have their own drills to learn these specific tasks, and can also attend regular fire department drills to learn how to work with the regular firefighters.


2015 Annual Carnival


The HFD's Annual Carnival will be held again this year. The show will taking place during the month of May. Rides, games and concessions will fill the midway...Bring the whole family!!! Proceeds from the Carnival help support various FD programs. For more information please contact the FD. Come on by and win a prize. Please check back for further information regarding the dates.



The Hillsdale Fire Department is always looking for new volunteers. If you join, we will send you for training at the Bergen County Fire Academy and supply you with all the necessary gear. Now is a great time to help out your community.